Customer Satisfaction

Prioritize Customer Satisfaction

Your customer satisfaction is one of our highest priorities, we strive for 100% customer satisfaction and will do everything in our power to ensure you are satisfied with each step of the project.

Constant feedback

Not only will we thoroughly document our understanding of your deliverables and the steps to success, we will provide to you and seek constant feedback on a weekly basis and report that back to the project Executive sponsor. We ensure all stake holders are provided frequent status updates on the projects progress and we remain aligned to the business objectives.

The right skills

Our team consists of individuals who each have many years’ experience with IBM EDI/MFT solutions as well as decades in the industry, designing deploying and developing IT infrastructure solutions.

Each consultant has a unique array of skills as well as a deep understanding of the IBM solutions, this allows us to have a diverse and well-rounded team to find the optimal use of resources for each business challenges.

Our consultants have been expertly trained with in-house and direct IBM training. They are subject to regular technical reviews and are IBM certified.


Our team of dedicated professionals are available to support your EDI & MFT solution needs from staff augmentation to full project delivery we can offer you 24/7 support if required on-site or remote.

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