Upgrade & Migration

You might want the maintenance and upgrades of your systems to be performed in house.

We at Luminous Solutions are adept at handling any situation to the best of your satisfaction. We are at home handling upgrades and carrying out maintenance in any environment. We integrate seamlessly with the in-house staff and efficiently carry out the tasks required.


Applying maintenance does not require the need for migration. It is a reversible change to the code level. Maintenance is a Program Temporary Fix(PTF), interim fix, or a fix pack. Following the maintenance process, the application should be tested with a new level of IBM code.

Newer level of code requires the migration process to update queue manager data. An upgrading process must be followed by migration. The only instance where migration is not needed would be if the upgrade is applying a fix. Once an upgrade has been done, the earlier code can no longer start a queue manager.

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