SaaS Solutions

B2B Integration Services

IBM® Sterling B2B Integration Services are designed to alleviate the burden on internal resources by providing secure connectivity and collaboration with your customers, suppliers, and business partners. The solution is built on the cloud-based B2B integration and visibility capabilities of IBM Sterling B2B Collaboration Network and provides comprehensive service offerings for partner onboarding, B2B process management, and trading partner support.

  • Facilitate growth by rapidly growing and adapting your B2B community without burdening internal resources and capital
  • Reduce B2B total cost of ownership by reducing the cost and increasing the reliability of B2B operations
  • Accelerate B2B collaboration with global customers and suppliers by leveraging our B2B expertise

IBM® Sterling B2B Integration Services Basic

Provides an Integration as-a-Service platform that automates the transformation of business documents into any required data format or protocol and exchanges them securely to and from any trading partner, in any location. Visibility of the documents being exchanged enables you to better manage the associated B2B process and support your trading partner community.

IBM® Sterling B2B Integration Services Plus

Builds on the integration-as-a-Service capabilities of Sterling Integration Services Basic by providing B2B process management. IBM B2B experts manage the document send and receive process and works with your staff to resolve any issues. Optional trading partner support extends the service to your trading partner community, regardless of time zones, geographies or languages.

File transfer Service

IBM® Sterling File Transfer Service is a cloud-based managed file transfer solution for business-to-business (B2B) interactions. It lets you manage a single, security-rich, highly reliable connection between you and your B2B partners. Sterling File Transfer Service offers an alternative to more expensive on-premise software while helping to reduce the operational impact on your technology staff.

  • Simplify B2B file transfers

    Consolidate redundant file transfer servers, software and partner connections to optimize file deliveries; use a single, security-rich connection; automate replay and resend of failed transfers.

  • Respond faster to demand

    Use the scalable, cloud-based infrastructure and support services to respond faster to increased demand for partner connections and collaboration; get the level of support and expertise you need.

  • Reduce costs

    Offers flexible SaaS subscription usage models and flexible pricing based on file sizes, volumes and number of partners; lets you process high volumes and large files without compromising performance.

Partner Engagement Manager

Partner Engagement Manager provides an open, extensible structure to better manage business partner and supplier relationships. Delivered across a public, dedicated or local cloud, Partner Engagement Manager provides visibility into activities, costs and performance. This collaborative, multi-channel infrastructure facilitates more efficient on-boarding and more effective partner engagements.

  • Optimize onboarding processes

    Transform onboarding processes by centrally managing contact and certificate data to eliminate manual, repetitive tasks while progress dashboards monitor activity, performance and SLA compliance.

  • Accelerate time to revenue

    An extensible self-service platform reduces onboarding time across applications, helps manage partner relationships across your organization and encourages collaboration with partner communities.

  • Flexible deployment options

    Choose from private, public and local cloud options or a hybrid approach based on your IT strategy and data security requirements, making it easier to connect with a complex mix of partners.

IBM Sterling Fax Conversion Services

Many of your partners will continue to rely on faxes for years to come. Eliminate paper and automate your end of the fax transaction with a reliable fax conversion service. IBM Sterling Fax Conversion Services give you a single, streamlined process that combines human and artificial intelligence. These services convert inbound faxes, email and postal mail to EDI or XML. They detect and handle errors, minimize human intervention and drive down costs. Throughout the process, you still have access to the original documents.

IBM Sterling e-Invoicing

IBM Sterling e-Invoicing helps you adapt to the complex, evolving business and technical regulations associated with international electronic invoicing. The single, scalable solution automates business processes and tax compliance, using global integration standards to support buyer and supplier compliance. It also helps maintain conformity with tax regulations for multiple countries.

Sterling Collaboration Network

IBM B2B Collaboration Network helps you reduce the time and complexity of integrating with your local and global business partners. Use our expert services to on-board faster, automate electronic document interchange and manage your B2B operations—through a connection to more than 300,000 trading partners worldwide. The secure and scalable solution can help you solve business-to-business challenges such as managed file transfer, language translations and connecting people, systems and technology.

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