Free Assessment

For more than a decade, Luminous Solutions has been assisting corporations to make the appropriate decisions when selecting their EDI & Managed File Transfer solutions. We offer targeted customized services. This helps companies receive an unbiased opinion on making the right choices, and to only implement the products needed to create the best results for your current and future business.

Luminous studies the peculiarities and uniqueness of your particular business model. After a thorough review we will deliver a comprehensive assessment report to you, which will in turn help you decide and implement only what is in your best interests.

You can leverage our experience and avert commonly made mistakes that have hampered the growth of other companies. We make it clear from the onset that our assessment comes free of cost to you for our covered product offerings, with no strings attached.


  • Identification of your business needs
  • Analysis of your short-term and long-term goals
  • How you can enhance your current solution
  • Recommendation of the optimal solution to meet your future goals


  • Confidence in your solution performance and architecture
  • Increased efficiency and performance optimization
  • Increased capacity to accommodate business needs

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