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IBM Sterling B2B Integrator

We have extensive experience with the industry-leading B2B integration software: IBM Sterling B2B Integrator. It’s a single, flexible platform the allows businesses to address each of their B2B integration needs. It helps your company integrate your B2B communications across trading partners, streamline business processes across businesses, increase supply chain visibility, operate securely, and more.

IBM Sterling Gentran Server

Luminous Solutions’ expertise encompasses the entire range of IBM’s heritage Sterling commerce products. These include, Gentran Server for Microsoft Windows, Gentran Server for UNIX, Gentran for iSeries, Gentran for Director Pro, Gentran for Director and Gentran for z/OS.

IBM Sterling Control Center (ICC)

We provide you with a consolidated perspective of your complete file transfer environment. We equip you with the visibility to respond efficiently in real-time to changes and exceptions. You can improve your SLA performance, meet compliance and regulatory requirements, and ease the pain in managing your file transfer network.

IBM Sterling Secure Proxy (SSP)

This application runs on a demilitarized zone (DMZ) and is useful for SSL session breaks and multi-factor authentication besides leveraging the internet, adopting best practices in firewall navigation, providing self-service password management, and reducing dependency on your in-house IT department.

IBM Transformation Extender Advanced (ITXA)

IBM Transformation Extender Advanced, (ITXA) was previously known by the brand name Standards Processing Engine. This is currently in the subsequent stage of evolution of the IBM Universal Transformation strategy for transforming documents. It includes among other things modular, comprehensive solutions that are based on industry standards.

IBM Transformation Extender (ITX)

This serves the purpose of automation when it comes to transformation of high-value, complex transactions. In a nutshell, it eliminates the need for manual coding.

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